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Ancient Style Padlocks The spring barb padlock. Started by: {Brian Morland}

Keys as Symbols The key has evolved into a powerful symbol representing things that are most important to us. Started by: {Brian Morland}

Safe Plates of the World A catalogue of plates Badges and Escutcheons. Started by: {merlin47}

Chubbs No.3 Bank Lock A complex and rare lock designed for one purpose - to defeat A.C.Hobbs. Started by: {oldlock}
The Knowledge Project attempts to research and record information in many different ways. The forums, via their various discussions, gather all sorts of useful snippets and these are gradually forming into topics in 'The Knowledge'. Short introductory pieces written by members also appear in this 'The Knowledge' resource. From time to time a paper, on one aspect or another, is also published on behalf of an individual or collectively by the members.

Published Papers. So far two studies have been published. The first, A C Hobbs - by Mike Fincher. Mike, as many know, has had a life long interest in early high security locks and keys and is a font of knowledge and inspiration. The other paper, on George Price, is by Pat Tempest. Pat is the great grand-daughter of George Price and brings a wonderful Victorian ambience to the historical facts.

Currently Active Projects. A paper on Milner is high on the agenda. One interesting aspect was the introduction of their own lockmaking department in 1869. The locks were marked with a wealth of numbers and other intriguing marks and symbols. This aspect is explored HERE and will form part of the paper. Your input into this thread, no matter how small, is welcomed and appreciated.

Future Papers. The Author of the George Price paper, Pat Tempest, has kindly donated a block of ISBN numbers therefore future papers will be officially indexed and globally recognised within the international library system.


A C Hobbs A Man of Genius, by Mike Fincher.

George Price - Victorian Champion of the Security Trade, by Pat Tempest.
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