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Ingersoll Locks

Ingersoll Locks


Ingersoll Letterhead Styles.

1943 letter
Ingersoll (Manufacturing) Ltd
Ingersoll Corner, Ruislip, Middlesex

1948 letterhead
Ingersoll Locks Ltd.
Agdon Street, London EC1.

1967 letterhead
Ingersoll Locks Ltd
Regent House, 89 Kingsway, London WC2

1988 letterhead
Ingersoll Locks Ltd
Forsyth Road, Sheerwater, Woking, Surrey

The first Ingersoll Locks

Y lock
One of Ingersoll's famous 'Y' Locks developed during WWII. Applications included payload release (bombs) and Glider towing. (Log-in to the Hol Library for more information)

The Directors, Management and Staff of Ingersoll Locks Ltd
1947 - 1988
A compilation, which is by no means complete, of the Directors, Management and Staff of Ingersoll Locks Ltd., formed in 1944 from Ingersoll Engineering, through to its sale to Yale in 1988. The initial list was compiled from the History of Locks Museum archives where much of the Ingersoll company history is now preserved. If you, or your ancestor, also worked for Ingersoll or you can add to or amend any details do contact our archivist.

Albrow, C (Mrs) Cited in documents:1947. Worked in Cylinder Machining Section & Inspection Dept.
Anstruther, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947 - 1948.
Arch, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947 - 1948. Responsible for deposited finishes on components and general liaison between works and suppliers.
Baker, John J Baker Cited in documents:1974. Order Supervisor.
Bateman, M L Director. Cited in documents:1948.
Benzing, A L Director. Cited in documents:1948.
Berry, Danny V Cited in documents: 1967 - 1976. Works Director 1967.
Bone, H W Cited in documents: 1976. Production Controler 1976.
Brant, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947 - 1948.
Callingham, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947 - 1948.
Cole, A F (Mr) Cited in documents:1988. Administration Manager 1988.
Cutting, E A Cited in documents:1976.
Ellis, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947.
Ferguson, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947.
Fitzjohn, A R Cited in documents:1973. Area Supervisor.
Hardman, Mike M Hardman Cited in documents:1972 -1973. Sales Office Manager, Area Superviser
Hill Cited in documents:1947 - 1948.
Hillyard, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947.
Hollingsworth, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947 - 1948.
Jeffereys, G A (Miss) Cited in documents:1947 - 1948. Secretary
Jones, P Cited in documents:1988.
Judd, Robert (Bob) E B Judd Cited in documents:1967 - 1976. Sales Director 1967 - 1976. Editor of Ingersoll News
Knott, S G T Cited in documents:1967 - 1976. Director 1967.
Lewis, (Mr) Cited in documents:1947 - 1948.
Manning, W. (F.C.I.S.) Chairman. Cited in documents:1948.
McAinsh, Stuart Employed 1953 - 1963.
Moore, A (Mr) Cited in documents:1947. Worked in 'Cylinder Key Machining, Inspection and Lock Machinery Section'
Mortimer, G Cited in documents:1947. Worked in Inspection & Lock Machining Section.
Nutter, R T Cited in documents:1946 -1948. Works Director 1946.
Oloham, M Cited in documents:1948.
Ratcliff, (Mr) Cited in documents:1948.
Roberts, R (Mr) Cited in documents:1948. appointed Deputy Chief Inspector 1948, responsible for Patrol Inspection & Final Inspection of export locks.
Roberts, (Miss) Cited in documents:1948. Secretary responsible for the allocation of work to typists.
Rooney, P (Miss) Cited in documents:1947. Worked in Inspection Dept & Cylinder Machining Section.
Sanderson, I W Cited in documents:1967. Director 1967.
Schofield, David Cited in documents:1974. Area Representative 1974.
Shovelton, Peter P Shovelton Cited in documents:1970 - 1974. Managing Director 1970 - 1974.
Smith, C H Director. Cited in documents:1948.
Stoodley, J Cited in documents:1988.
Taylor, Jack William J Taylor Cited in documents:1944 - 1953. Works Superintendent 1944 -1947. Patentee of the 10 lever lock in 1944. Became a Director in 1947 - 1953.
Tennant, Julian F W J Tennant Cited in documents:1967. Chairman 1967.
Thomas, Simon N (A.C.M.A.) Cited in documents:1974. Company Secretary 1974.
Willson, J P J Watson Cited in documents:1970. Retired 1970, longest serving Rep.
Woods, (Mr) Cited in documents:1948.
Young, Leonard Weare L Young Managing Director. Cited in documents:1947 - 1948.
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Works Photos

Assembly Section.
South Ruislip.

Tool Room.
South Ruislip.

machine shop
Machine Section.
South Ruislip.
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