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Ancient Style Padlocks The spring barb padlock. Started by: {Brian Morland}
Keys as Symbols The key has evolved into a powerful symbol representing things that are most important to us. Started by: {Brian Morland}
Safe Plates of the World A cataloge of plates Badges and Escutcheons. Started by: {merlin47}
Chubbs No.3 Bank Lock A complex and rare lock designed for one purpose - to defeat A.C.Hobbs. Started by: {oldlock}
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Our Location. for those that wish to send (or bring) hard copy (for scaning) or artefacts (for photographs) or if you would like to visit and see certain artefacts from the HoL Virtual Museum our postal address is:

Brian Morland
581 Charminster Road

Note There is always a welcome to members of the forums and others interested in early locks and keys, however visitors strictly by appointment. The Herritage collection is housed in several cabinets that are generaly on tour or on loan to various public and private organisations.

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