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Ancient Style Padlocks The spring barb padlock. Started by: {Brian Morland}

Keys as Symbols The key has evolved into a powerful symbol representing things that are most important to us. Started by: {Brian Morland}

Safe Plates of the World A cataloge of plates Badges and Escutcheons. Started by: {merlin47}

Chubbs No.3 Bank Lock A complex and rare lock designed for one purpose - to defeat A.C.Hobbs. Started by: {oldlock}
Antique Locks - The Knowledge is a new way of creating and presenting the collective wisdom of members, all of which share a common interest in one aspect or other, in early locks and keys.

'The Knowledge' in another context expects the information to be assimilated and understood from every perspective and in great detail. We are well placed to apply a similar philosophy here. The tiny grains of golden sand hidden in the individual threads and posts on the forums combine here in 'The Knowledge' into a coherent and ever evolving resource on the subject.

How to Start or Add to Topics. There are two main ways in which topics are started or added to in ‘The Knowledge�. The simplest is to simply start a thread in an appropriate forums in or History of Locks. The beauty with this approach is that members don't have to make a conscious decision about the topics here. Simply make your posts, ask and answer questions in the various forums, in short simply carry on in the normal way. Topics that are popular will have been noticed by the admins� here who would then create a heading in the Main Categories area if needed and add the new topic crediting of course the original poster(s). Alternatively you can send a piece that you have written directly to merlin47 who will add it directly to The knowledge. This method is useful for the longer articles.

Waiting for Forum or Member Input
A number of leader topics have already been suggested, created and placed in the appropriate sub-category, not just to get the ball rolling but also to give an idea of how everything will work and link together. Contributors whether in the form of words or pictures are credited and in many cases link back to the original forum posts.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. The webmaster looks after the structure and layout of the sites who would like to hear about any problems with links and or navigation problems that may have occurred. Whilst the administrator looks after the content.

Notes: Names in italics enclosed in curly brackets credit the contributor:{example} or if clikable will take you to the contributors post: {example}. Links in the text will take you to that topic within 'The Knowledge'. More information in ABOUT on how you can contribute or add to this resource. Can you comment on this or any other page in ‘The Knowledge�
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